Presenter information

Oral presentations

Both PC and Mac computers will be available (Windows 7 / Office 2010; Mac OS X 10.6 / MS Office 2011). You will not be able to use your own computer. Laser pointers will be provided. Talks should be brought on a USB drive and must be in either Powerpoint (.ppt or .pptx) or PDF (.pdf) formats. Please name your file as follows: “SessionX_Lastname.ppt” (or other extension). Please load your presentation onto the appropriate computer (PC or Mac) well in advance of the session in which you are speaking, preferably at the time of registration, but at least half a day before your talk. This will also enable you to find out if your presentation is working as you are expecting. Please gauge the length of your presentation so that it fits the 30 min / 15-20 min time slots for invited / contributed talks. Make sure to leave at least 5 min minutes at the end for questions. The conference covers a broad range of topics, and all oral presentations are plenary lectures. Therefore, when you prepare your talk, please keep in mind to spend an appropriate amount of time to introduce your subject. If you make sure that people who are working in different fields are able to follow your talk, and if you avoid cramming as much data as possible into the allocated time slot, you can add considerably to the quality of the meeting.

Poster presentations

The maximum dimensions for posters are 1 m wide by 1.2 m high (e.g., A0 portrait size is fine). Posters can be fixed on the poster boards from Wednesday, 11th May directly after registration or the following morning from 8:00. Posters will be arranged according to sessions; materials for assembly will be provided. Authors are expected to be present at their poster during the respective session.

Members of the scientific committee will evaluate the presentations competing for the best student poster awards during both sessions. Posters must be removed on Saturday (14th May) in the evening. Posters will be displayed during all the meeting.

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