Plant systematics and evolution special issue

TherFwd- Polyploidy Conference, Rovinj, Croatiae will be a SPECIAL ISSUE of PLANT SYSTEMATICS AND EVOLUTION dedicated to the Rovinj 2016, International Conference on Polyploidy, Hybridization and Biodiversity for which the theme is “POLYPLOIDY IN SHALLOW AND DEEP EVOLUTIONARY TIMES.”

Journal: Plant Systematics and Evolution:

Brief summary of the SI: Papers submitted to this Special Issue should describe works investigating the evolutionary, ecological and speciation consequences of hybridization and polyploidization events. We aim to bring together taxonomists, geneticists, bioinformaticians, ecologists, botanists and zoologists. Contributions describing timely research from a broad field of biology involving plant, animal and fungi areas will be considered. Since DNA expression, its organization in cell nucleus and evolution lies in the heart of polyploid research papers involving chromosome, genetic and genomic studies (both experimental and theoretical) are particularly welcomed.

List of authors and papers: This list will be formulated during and after the meeting. Authors may submit a tentative title, list of authors, and short description of the topic anytime during the meeting and until May 30, 2016. These could be submitted to any of the Guest Editors. Note a Special Issue is limited to < 25 papers, and if more papers are submitted we will work with the Overseeing Editor to try to accommodate these.

Names of Guest Editors: Aleš Kovarik (principal editor), Eric Schranz, Miroslav Plohl and Višnja Besendorfer

Timeline of the special issue

  • This journal has a 30% acceptance rate and a five year impact factor of 1.5.
  • Deadline for submission of title, list of authors, and short description of the topic: May 30, 2016.
  • Full paper submission deadline: papers will be due by August 15, 2016 and authors are encouraged to submit before this date.
  • Submission of revised manuscripts deadline: December 1st 2016
  • Acceptance deadline to have a decision made on the manuscripts: March 31st, 2017
  • As soon as papers are accepted, they will be brought into production and then published online.
  • If the number of final accepted papers is more than 15, it will be published as a stand-alone special issue. If it is less than 15, then it would be included as a special section in a regular issue.
  • The tentative date for the publication of the issue/section on-line and paper copy is August/September 2017 if everything goes well on time in the editorial and review process

The title, list of authors, and short description of the topic as well as manuscript should be submitted to

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